Thu, May. 15 2008

I was at a networking breakfast (two words that should never go together) for Westchester business owners earlier this week, and met Marisa Birnbaum, the sister of a brother and sister team, who have a unique business concept - immediate dental crowns from Now! Smile Design.

That's right, no more waiting around for your new pearly whites to arrive and no loose-fitting teeth from a lab in China that leak lead into your body (a true story, I'm told).

Why am I suddenly talking about teeth, you ask?

Because I admire the grass-roots start-up mentality of a couple of young and really smart siblings who saw a niche to fill and decided to go out and get the necessary equipment, put it in a van, and learn what they didn't know - Poof! Instant business.

Good stuff - I wish them well.Tell your dentist...