That New App Smell...

Fri, May. 30 2014

We got some really good news from Apple yesterday.

Our new app, Drive About: Number Neighborhood, passed inspection and it's ready for sale.

But you can't have it yet.

Why? Because we set our launch date to June 12.

Why? Again, you ask.

As much as we'd like to just rush our app immediately into the App Store, it's generally wise to control your launch.

The app is technically approved and ready which means we have 100 promo codes to share with whomever we like (yes, you can download and play your app with a promo code before it is live in the App Store). We'll use this time to distribute codes as a sneak preview for reviewers who * we hope * will have nice things to say about our new app. We've also suggested that they coordinate their reviews with our planned June 12 launch. And if they want to share some kind words before the launch, we can use those quotes in our launch promotions and our App Store description.

You only have one shot at being brand new, so make the most of it.

Drive About: Number Neighborhood Arrives in the App Store June 12