Kick Grass! A Green Game For Earth Day

Wed, Apr. 21 2010

Who wouldn’t want to save the world alongside a cartoon dog named TurfMutt?And what better way to introduce kids to the idea of greening up to save the planet?

We just launched another Weekly Reader game – this time for their client, the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI).

Using the art and branding from a poster Weekly Reader created for OPEI, we created an awesome four-level platform game for kids aged 8-10. Keyboard controls move TurfMutt around the screen to collect all nine grass seed packets, meanwhile avoiding the bad guys and their obstacles: Heat Freak’s hot-spots, Dr. Runoff’s mudballs, Dust Demon’s dusty whirlwinds, and Carbon Creep’s smog. Collect all the seed packets and the environment is saved! TurfMutt can enjoy his doggy green paradise.

We built this game on the engine we used for our Holiday Card last year – a few adjustments, a new skin, and presto! TurfMutt, the Environmental Avenger, is born. Play TurfMutt!