Making a Difference - One Educational App at a Time

Mon, Apr. 1 2013

I hope you had a nice Easter.

I went out yesterday with the family - my two kids (ages 7 and 2+), my wife, and my dad and stepmom, for a nice dinner.

And yes, we're one of those families who brings the iPads to the table when we dine out.

As we were finishing our meal, my stepmom, who is a PR specialist, asked me about our new Mystery Math Town app and in an instant my 7-year-old son was giving her a demo.

As he was playing the game, the restaurant manager wandered by and glanced over his shoulder - and stopped.

He stood there, watching my son play the game for a few seconds and looked up, nodding his head with a big smile, "very educational," he said.

At that point everyone at the table leapt into salesperson mode, explaining that my company made the game and that it would be available to the public on Wednesday.

When he told us that he had a 3-year-old at home and he was looking for good apps for her, my nearly three-year-old daughter whipped out another iPad to show him Alien Buddies.

He was duly impressed.

And when it came time to leave, he went out of his way to shake my hand and he thanked me for doing something that makes a difference.

It's hard work making apps and even harder work making successful apps, but it's important to remember success can be measured in many ways.

Making a difference means a lot.

Mystery Math Town Available April 3