Retraction - sort of...

Wed, Aug. 13 2008

I'm not too big to man-up when it comes to apologies, so here goes...

I'm sorry, Peter Gabriel.

When Peter Gabriel launched his new multimedia site, The Filter, I said he should stick to his day job.

First of all, it wasn't working when I checked in on the big launch day.

And second, I don't see the need for another multimedia site that tailors music, movies, and web offerings according to tastes.

Then Lis was telling me yesterday that Peter Gabriel had revolutionized a way to sell music online by giving it away for free.

That's right - totally free.

Well, free as long as you're willing to listen to a bit of attached advertising for a month before it dissolves and then you've got your music in the clear.

The site is in Beta now, and it's called We7.

Check it out - Pete may just be on to something: