Artgig - Stop! And enjoy a short (or three)...

Wed, Jun. 3 2009


A laughingsquid tweet on the old Twitter yesterday lead to a fantastic stop action short, "Sorry I'm late", and reminded me of a Oren Lavie video that Lis sent a while back, and then Jim chipped in with another that looks like it translates to "Stop Motion With Wolf and Pig" that is truly the work of a madman.

Before CGI, the only way to do a proper monster movie, like the 1933 classic, "King Kong," was using scale model miniatures and sometimes not so miniature animatronics and/or guys in costumes, along with painstaking stop action photography to bring the world to life.

It's an art form that exists only for those with incredible vision, dedication and endless patience. As a kid, I remember shooting really cheap stop motion shorts with my dads Super 8 camera and the principles are the same as they are for any animation - move everything in your frame a little bit. Shoot a frame. Repeat. When you're done, string the frames together and watch it all come to life.

When done properly, it's really quite magical.

See for yourself–and be sure to check out the links behind the videos to see how they were made: