Multi-User Accounts Added to Marble Math Apps!

Thu, Aug. 2 2012

You say you've got a small army of kids at home or in the classroom who really want to play Marble Math or Marble Math Junior - and you've only got one iPad.

Sure the kids are willing to take turns but...

Little Billy really wants to try adding coins in Level 2 and...

Maria is way beyond that, she wants to focus on Level 3 multiplication.

And Daniel finds the obstacles distracting, so he'd rather turn them off.

And naturally, they each want to earn their own marbles.

And they want to see only their scores.

And wouldn't it be cool if they could also have their very own character?

Sounds to me like like you need more than one user account.   Well, you're in luck.

We just submitted an update to Apple that lets you create as many player profiles as you like.

And it comes with a pretty sweet avatar creator that your kids will love.

Each profile can be customized for specific problem types by level and will save the game state and scores for each player.

The updates should be live in the App Store in about a week, just in time for the start of our Back to School promos.

Stay tuned!

Marble Math Updates Coming Soon!