Updated and other soggy Friday news...

Fri, Apr. 3 2009

Taking a break from a top secret project for breaking news:

We just updated the Artgig website to include some new projects (websites for, Creators Media Group, ESL Flix and Salon Firefly) and get others current in the Portfolio section.

Also included a little Flash example in the Portfolio from an interactive DVD project we recently delivered for Reader's Digest. It's an animated home safety lesson for kids called "I Spot Something Hot." I'll do an official release soon and you'll read all about it here.

In other news:

Working on a new website for a client yesterday and ran into a little problem with their domain because domain name Registrar giant,, was knocked out cold by a malicious DOS attack. So not only could we not get to the client's current website, but we couldn't get to either. We followed the events live on Twitter, and it was amazing to see pretty much denying the problem and responding with useless stock comments. They were still down this morning when we came in and irate users were still complaining about website and email outages. I can see now the website is back online but no mention of the attack.

Talk about denial of service.

Have a good weekend and stay away from