About Artgig Apps

Artgig Apps is the mobile app development arm of Artgig Studio. We're a polished team of creatives and developers, augmented by a super-talented network to handle projects of all sizes.

Artgig’s core team (Matthew Kicinski, Steven Grosmark and Lis Cherry) met while working for a major U.S. educational publisher, creating, designing and developing kids games for schools. A few years later, we formed Artgig, and we’ve been working together ever since. Along the way, we added web designer/developer/hardhat Jim Bail.

Individually, we’ve moved houses several times, countries once, and added four new babies. Now our Artgig family is extended and international. (Our clients love that we have a night shift in Australia, where Lis is today.)

Since starting Artgig, we’ve been fortunate to do some great interactive projects for an interesting range of clients, from award winning jazz musicians to worldwide educational publishers and even a presidential library – lots of custom work, lots of websites and lots of games and apps.

You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook – where we frequently post reviews, news and other insights into our adventures in the world of app development.