Here's Johnny!

Thu, Aug. 28 2008

“The Story of Johnny Appleseed” is one in a series of three K-2 reading comprehension story modules we’re producing in partnership with Weekly Reader, a division of Reader’s Digest.

This project is a real throwback to the good old days at Sunburst Technology, where we originally started out making educational software for kids.

The animated story includes on screen text and audio for the student to follow along.

The story is followed by a brief quiz, where students fill a basket with apples as they answer correctly.

Our production schedule for each module is about a month total time, which includes:

  1. Review and edits to supplied script and storyboard
  2. VO talent casting and recording
  3. Original music and sfx production
  4. Character design
  5. UI design
  6. Animation production in flash
  7. Separate line art delivery for reproducables
  8. Quiz and player production/programming

Next up, The Story of Christopher Columbus… Check out Appleseed here