Mystery Math Museum Is Here!

Wed, Oct. 16 2013

We got the news at 11:38 this morning. Our new app, Mystery Math Museum, is 'Ready for Sale' in the App Store. But you still can't have it...yet. No, that would be rushing things and we try not to do that around here. We really much prefer to plan our app launches rather than release them all willy-nilly. After all, we've spent months crafting this game and it deserves a proper release. We're not planning to make Mystery Math Museum available in the App Store until Thursday, next week. That should give us enough time to share some promo codes with reviewers we've been talking to, and hopefully generate some buzz before the game appears in the store. So if you write about kids apps and you want to try Mystery Math Museum, let us know. The rest of you will just have to wait just a little bit longer. Hang in there - we think you'll agree, it's worth it.  

Mystery Math Museum is Coming to the App Store Thursday 10/24!