Ghosts of Artgig's Christmas Past...

Fri, Dec. 11 2009

Time to dust off the old blog and give something back to you, our friends and clients, for the holidays are upon us.

How do I know?

Well, it's bitter cold and we've been hard at work on our 2009 Christmas card.

We're just about ready to rip off the wrappers in a frenzy of anticipation and let you have some fun with it.

But you'll have to wait (yes, you too, Mr. Tarry) because it must be properly tested by our team of Australian elves and graded for interactive goodness before it can be yours.

In the meanwhile, let's take a trip the gifts we've left in Christmas past...

Who can forget this classic - a typical day at Artgig and yes, the kid can act:

Holiday Card 2005


And this heartfelt, bundle of warm wishes and fun:

Holiday Card 2007



And this - when in doubt, blow something up:

Holiday Card 2008

I try to forget the handwritten holiday cards of 2006 - still getting over the cramps.