Wed, Sep. 3 2008

We Skyped with Lis today and I'm happy to report all is well in Australia.

It was the end of the day for us but the crack of dawn for her.

It's also on the chilly side as their winter winds down.

I know, everything is all screwy.

Which made for a perfect start to our first Artgig Australia Skype - at first, Lis had only video and we had only audio.

Pretty funny.

Just a matter of setting some preferences and we got the show on the road.

Lis sent some pics from the top of a mountain in Canberra - her teenage son went on an impromptu four hour stroll without telling anyone.

Anyway, I think we can count on this blog getting some nice sprinkles from Australia to keep the flavor fresh and lively.

She also sent this link - a really smart short that's worth checking out: