Burn All Kids Apps!

Wed, Mar. 19 2014

Maybe you've seen the Cris Rowan call to ban handheld devices for all kids under 12 in the Huffington Post recently.

It's hysterical.

We much prefer the level-headed rebuttal by David Kleeman.

But if you look at the shares on the page, it can't be denied - hysteria sells.



I was skyping with Lis in Australia last night, talking about our new app in development, and I think we may have hit upon a new educational paradigm.

What we're proposing is revolutionary.

The more hysterical, the better.

Let's scare kids smart.

If you get the answer wrong, the cute animal GETS IT!

I can see the series titles now:

Scared Smart: Identifying Shapes and Patterns

Followed by…

Scared Smart: Addition and Subtraction

Of course, I'm joking.

We like kids and animals too much to scare them.