Note to Peter Gabriel...

Tue, Jun. 3 2008

So big news today as famed musician, Peter Gabriel, launches his new website, "The Filter."It's an entertainment filtering tool, designed to tell you what music, movies, tv, etc you should be checking out.My first thought is "why?"Doesn't Amazon and iTunes and everyone else already do this?I decided to dig deeper, accepting the challenge that it will take "less than a minute" to start filtering personalized selections.Ten minutes later, I'm still on step one, trying to rate my musical tastes to en-smarten The Filter.Unfortunately, I can find no way to actually tell The Filter how I feel about the music selections before me because The Filter has decided that I don't have the correct version of Flash Player.The Filter is wrong.I lose my patience and leave the site.I go back later and the site is down.

Don't quit your day job, Pete.