Mystery Word Town is Live

Wed, May. 20 2015

Launch day is intoxitcating.

And good reviews don't hurt.

We found out this morning that Mystery Word Town is a Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice.

Officially, we launch tomorrow, but we quietly flipped the switch this afternoon.

You can download Mystery Word Town right now, right here.

We always soft launch to give ourselves some room and it also gives us a chance to get some early iTunes reviews.

Our Android development has gone surprisingly smooth, thanks to Unity 3D, so we accelerated testing to push for a (brace yourselves)...multi-platform launch tomorrow.

That's a first for us.

Steve had to run, leaving the app processing for Google Play store production, but he'll have a look when he gets back to a machine and if everything checks out, he'll ship it.

It's so crazy, it just might work.

Stay tuned...

* UPDATE - Mystery Word Town is available on Google Play, download here for your Android tablet or phone