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The Alien Buddies educational iPhone/iPad app is designed with a variety of learning games and play modes to suit a range of ages from Preschool to Kindergarten. The games include:

  • Matching: color, shape, letter and number recognition (audio and visual modes)
  • Puzzle: problem solving, shape recognition
  • Dot to Dot: sequential counting, fine motor skills
  • Stickers: creative free play, fine motor skills (over 40 stickers and 8 landscapes)

In the visual and audio Matching games, the cast of cute and quirky characters will lead your child on an engaging journey to reinforce fundamental skills: recognizing colors, shapes, numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters.

The Puzzle game can be played with 4, 6, or 8 pieces providing levelled shape recognition and manipulation while developing reasoning and problem solving skills for younger and older kids.

The Dot to Dot game reinforces sequential counting with audio feedback and helps develop fine motor skills as your child completes each picture.

The Stickers activity builds learning confidence as kids are rewarded with stickers to create their own alien worlds.

Can't get enough aliens?

Download the Alien Buddies coloring book!

Alien Buddies Coloring Book